Can’t is not In my vocabulary

Removing the word CAN’T gives direction, unflayling straightforward direction. Saying the word “I will” gives power behind every muscle, every focused thought .

In this world everything is chaotic, disorganized confusing disconnected. I will make a difference In my business by staying focused and being held accountable to high standards of bringing community together , allowing a place for families to come into a safe zone and play a board game, share a smoothie and play together, with that said here are some of I wills

I will’s:

I will bring music to the community by offering jam sessions, music nights,open mike nights, and outdoor music etc

I will make the best cup of coffee with freshest nvm ingredients!

I will make an impact One person at a time!

I will make my grandchildren proud of me as being the coolest Mamo In town

I will allow God to use me as His vessel! And I will continue to love Him as my beloved.

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