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What makes me unique?

Hi I am Deb Schoening, I am a native Minnesotan! I live in Milaca, Mn. My home is completely off grid, no electricity, and no running water and that is where I started roasting coffee and continue since 2014!

How does coffee make me unique? Do you order hundreds of pounds of green beans from all over the world and get excited to see what aromas you can pull from them? I get excited to smell the different Aromas each batch brings, caramel, chocolate, brown sugar, blueberry, apricot!

Currently, i have been a small batch artisan roaster, which makes the roasting experience a little tedious when you find the right timing. Consistency, and having the same coffee flavors is like a chemistry experiment. I’m not Einstein, but like to keep a consistent log of time and temperature is important. Constant cupping of each batch to see what is the flavor I’m trying to pull and then once I get it dialed in, Keep the standards, and consistency. It’s quite a journey especially when I get that “yum” I have been looking for.

The exciting news, is that I am now looking at a growth opportunity for the business and personally, by opening up a Brock and mortar store in Isle, MN near Lake Mille lacs! The new store address is 290 w Main Street, Isle, Mn 56342.

it is a small fishing and lumber town with less than a 1,000 residents. The quaint village brings tourists to town as they come to their cabins and go up north!

Tibbett’s Wilderness Cabin Coffee will have fresh in house roasted coffee, espresso drinks, flavored smoothies, Italian sodas, lemonade stands, shaved ice, fresh brewed coffee, danishes from the local bakery, and tanning!

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