Can’t is not In my vocabulary

Removing the word CAN’T gives direction, unflayling straightforward direction. Saying the word “I will” gives power behind every muscle, every focused thought .

In this world everything is chaotic, disorganized confusing disconnected. I will make a difference In my business by staying focused and being held accountable to high standards of bringing community together , allowing a place for families to come into a safe zone and play a board game, share a smoothie and play together, with that said here are some of I wills

I will’s:

I will bring music to the community by offering jam sessions, music nights,open mike nights, and outdoor music etc

I will make the best cup of coffee with freshest nvm ingredients!

I will make an impact One person at a time!

I will make my grandchildren proud of me as being the coolest Mamo In town

I will allow God to use me as His vessel! And I will continue to love Him as my beloved.

Tibbett’s Wilderness Cabin Coffee opening April 1, 2021 in Isle, Mn

Address is 290 W Main Street, Isle, Mn 56342. 320-362-4645

Yes, the path is laid, the doors are opening and the newness of Spring is upon me. The past four months have been a struggle with health issues but has pushed me into a very creative conquest to make a legacy! And to bring my brand of quality coffee and servant leadership to a new level!

Being hospitalized, diagnosed with a rare blood disease, and being sicker than a dog, it has pushed me into making some very drastic decisions, and affirming that I need my family more than ever as they need me.

Being sick. Not being able to talk, swallow, or eat,it didn’t seem possible. The odds were definitely stacked against me!Godhad a different outlook on this. HE says now is the time! You were created for such a time as this. Allow me to work through you. I answered His call. From hospital bed to hospitality ! And yes chemo is not fun!

In the past two weeks of being in a hospital bed, he sent his army. Here are some of the testimonies!

After putting my dads photo on the wall, the department of health was at my door and transferred the license within 48 hours to open April 1, 2021.

Young people that I have helped throughout my life are coming to the aid of setup, furniture hauling. My grandchildren are involved with special projects. A black bear Discovery zone has been set up in the coffee shop for all the littles and neighborhood. Children to play and connect with others.

An outdoor seating area with a center island of spectacular ness is being created as we speak. Just waiting and itching for the outdoor jam to happen as it does at the cabin. Yes a piano will be added to the inside of the shop as well!

So with this said, the new shop is being transformed into a magical seeetness of deliciousness! Flavored smoothies, summer lemonade stand, espresso drinks, Italian sodas, shaved ice cones, and lots of fresh roasted coffee! And yes fresh roasted onsite! Yes my friends Tibbett’s Wilderness Cabin Coffee is going wild!

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You were given this mountain. Claim it. Climb it

The task of Tibbett’s Wilderness has been a long time coming. The name forged by my mom and dad, the cabin, where memories were made, and land which has provided. And now…. we are in such a strange crazy place. the tasks seem relentless. But yet I keep climbing. I keep pursuing, changing, fixing, correcting, fighting through…for what and why? Because I was asked to.

Dads most favorite place was Tibbett’s. He longed to be here during the week, and couldn’t wait to get here with his truck . Or maybe get away from the crazy world he lived in or a house full of young teenagers. I wonder how he wold be handling this stay at home covid order. I bet he would be going bonkers. With his desire to make something of himself, the legend has passed on, to make something out of nothing, with nothing…into something. He would always know where I was, and I would tell him I am at mile marker. 144…. he knew I had two hours till home. Mile markers are the definite location of where we are today…except, the signs are not so clear.

As I sit and roast coffee all day long, and cointemplate this new route I have taken, I can’t stop to think about what motivates me. I sit and pray every morning, and throughout the day for friends, my life partner, my children, my grandchildren, my community, etc. just like everyone does. That doesn’t make this situation unique. What makes it unique is that I am not giving up! I have been given a task, and I have set out to run the race. It isn’t a sprint, or a hurdle…it’s a life long race.

Since I started roasting, the doors have continually been opening. New coffee farms are opening up to me. Beans are now being shipped from Ethiopia, Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Uganda and much more. All with a drive, and asking for guidance, this has come to me. And I live in a town populated with 2000 people.! The message is clear, don’t give up. Don’t let the big mountain envelope you. One step at a time. One waypoint at a time. So what’s the best solution? Don’t give up and share the load with someone. Which is why I am blogging, to make a difference. I have family members who haven’t been out of their house literally since March 12. I have teachers who are learning a new way of teaching their students, and keeping them engaged, I have nurses, who are working from home to keep their babies safe. I have lineman that are essential workers, I have construction workers keeping the commercial places open, and transformed. I have a respiratory therapist who is now is quarantine because she finally was exposed to the Covid waiting out the fourteen days of incubation, firefighters who walk into houses not knowing, and first responders also putting their lives at risk. Uncles with cancer, aunties who are ina congregate living situation, churches closed down, but yet,we all keep plugging away. Again, we have been called to a higher purpose. Climb your mountain. You got this. We are in this together.

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